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About YumDom

Our mission at YumDom is to help you cook amazing meals with little effort. Since our launch in January 2012, YumDom has gathered over 250,000 recipes to help you discover the most amazing dishes on the web. The site has a variety of incredibly useful tools for you to discover recipes that fit your lifestyle. These filters include diet restrictions, allergens, cooking and prep time, course, cuisines and more. Recipes can also be bookmarked for the future. We are just starting. We have so much more in the plans. Please Join us on this journey to culinary nirvana.

The Ingredients for the Perfect Team

Nima Dilmaghani Founder

"Cooking has always been an integral part of my life. My love affair with food began when I learned to cook in my mom's kitchen at an early age. My father was a theater director. We had a large group of artists, actors, musicians, and poets that would regularly gather at our house. Mom and I cooked and fed them all. One of my early tasks was to peel and cut the boiled eggs and potatoes used in mom’s delicious rendition of Olivier salad. Since those early days, I always find joy in cooking and entertaining.

Like many of you, I have been using recipe sites for years to discover new recipes. However, I would come across many great recipes that I could not actually cook. Some required too many ingredients that I did not have, some just took too much time, others required an exotic ingredient that I would use then and would forever thereafter live in the back of my fridge since I had no clue what to do with it afterwards. Being an engineer I decided to solve this problem and build a system designed to help you get to the recipe you would actually cook in a very fast and efficient way. Now with a lot of the base technology built, we are working on other creative ways to get the perfect meal for you on the dinner table faster than ever thought possible.

So...what do you want to cook today?"

Meet the Team

Travis Groneman Founding Engineer Andi Galpern Director of User Experience

Yumika Tanaka Designer Noni Wang Digital Content and Advertising Planner

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